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A Place to Meet, to Share, to Learn, to Support,
and to Change the World.

The Home for Your Vegan Community

Coming Soon: A Vibrant Community Center

for Vegans and Vegan-Curious People


Would you like to meet other vegans? Are you exploring going more in the direction of plant-based and could you use some support? Would you like to access live virtual programming with like-minded people about topics that interest you, to get support from a welcoming community? Find all the latest and best vegan and cruelty-free products and services?

We are building Root Riot to be a 24-hour community center for vegan and the vegan-curious to share, learn, teach and grow together in a friendly, supportive and troll-free space.

Scroll down to see what Root Riot has to offer you...

ROOT RIOT Is Your Home for Vegan Community, Culture and Connection.

ROOT RIOT is a welcoming and dynamic space where members can discover, share thoughts and find inspiration about all aspects of vegan philosophy, food, health, news, politics and culture. ROOT RIOT is a place where you can find activism, support, commentary, conversation, art, virtual gatherings and more to help foster connections for those doing good in the world. 


At ROOT RIOT, you will be able to:

Stay current with what is happening in the vegan culinary scene in our FOOD & CULTURE section, where you can also get free access to tons of free recipes, food ideas and lifestyle tips;


Engage in conversations with a wide range of vegans and vegan-curious folks from around the world on a variety of dynamic forums in our PUBLIC SQUARE (Note: this section is still under construction and is not yet accessible – stay tuned!)

Scroll through our vegan ROOT RIOT MARKETPLACE, where you can check out cruelty-free products and services of dozens of great indie businesses and connect with lots of  nonprofits serving the animals, the planet and the greater good.


Stop in THE ARENA to join our live virtual gatherings with compassionate people from around the world, take live online classes, workshops, networking sessions, demos and enjoy concerts and performances and so much more.

THE LITTLE FREE PLANT POWERED PANTRY (LFPPP) is a side project of ROOT RIOT that is giving away hundreds of dollars worth of free groceries each month from a small pantry in the front yard of Marla and John's Berwyn, Illinois home. We're working to expand LFPPP to locations across the US and the world.


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If you are interested in becoming a content creator for ROOT RIOT, you can click here to learn more.

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