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We're using our own front yard to feed and build a neighborhood community.

We found this cute Mid-Century Modern toy oven through a friend, and we're in the process of building it into a vegan Little Free Pantry that we'll have set up in our front yard in the Chicago suburb of vegan. The oven holds a fair amount of shelf-stable foods and we're building an icebox (insulated and cooled with a large block of ice, just like in the olden days before modern refrigerators). There will be a group of friends and allies to help us keep it stocked.

This is a great way to get neighbors to learn about and try new plant-based food options and to help some families keep healthy food on their tables and we'll be giving tips and support to others who want to set up Plant Powered Pantries in their own communities.

We're launching this project on May 27th, 2023. We'll keep you all informed of our progress as we build and share thi community-building tool.

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