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More than anything else, the intention and purpose of ROOT RIOT is to create a vibrant and powerful space for the vegan community to take root (pun intended) and grow. As such, this is a community effort. We don't have deep pockets, big investors or corporate sponsors. We are relying on the vegan community and allies to help make this a reality.

Very soon, we will be launching a crowdfunding page to raise the initial capital needed to get ROOT RIOT off the ground. We believe that having a welcoming healthy place for vegans to communicate, to converse and to teach and learn from each other is essential, and we believe that everyone who uses ROOT RIOT will quickly see the bigger benefit from it, personally, for the community and for the animals.

When we launch our crowdfunding page, we hope that you will also see this value and will see fit to contribute. Together, we can create a healthier, more abundant, more connected and more compassionate world.

Please join us.

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