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The Veggie Mijas Built a Food Justice Movement Around Vegan Food

Fabulous to see this media attention in The Zoe Report to the vegan, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community building developed by Amy Quichiz of Veggie Mijas, a college student’s Instagram account that has spun off into a food justice movement with eleven active chapters across the country. As Amy navigated the terrain of veganism in 2018 as a person of color who didn’t necessarily feel a lot of inclusion here, she started sharing recipes on her social media and before too long, a larger community of people, hungry for in-person connection and support, sprung up around her. Today, the Veggie Mijas chapters share vegan food and recipes, but also discuss environmental justice and how the long ecological shadow of animal agribusiness has oversized reverberations on communities of color.

“As it happens, this event led to a domino effect of sorts, with more and more Veggie Mijas followers requesting potlucks and gatherings in their own cities across the U.S. ‘It wasn't only about creating these events and meeting people,’ says Quichiz. ‘It was actually about community service. So, from there, it just sparked tons of conversations and ideas [on how to do that].’ From events centered on self-care and crafting (together!), book clubs, open mics, guided meditations, and group hikes, Veggie Mijas promotes community and thoughtful interaction in a variety of ways.”

More of this, please!


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